Thursday, 29 October 2015

Chair Tiggy Recount

WALT: To practise doing recounts. 

Paragraph 1: Introduction.
Paragraph 2:  What to do and how to play the game
Paragraph 3: How we played the game.
Paragraph 4: My favourite part of the game.
Paragraph 5: Conclusion.

Aww!  I said to myself.  Our literacy class were playing a game called Chair Tiggy. I was the first one to start running.

In Chair Tiggy there are two teams. One team is for the running team and the other team is the taggers team. If you're a runner your job is to not get caught from the taggers and you can also run in between the chairs of the tagging team. If you’re a tagger your job is to tag the person but you are not allowed to run in between the chairs. the rest of your team are sitting in their chairs and you can tap on the back of their chairs so your team can go and get the runners.

Now our game wasn’t easy because instead of playing in the field we got to play on the gravel and they would hurt if you trip on them. When we were a runner we’d go and not get tagged for about one minute and then we’ll get caught from exhaustion.
Our taggers are mostly fast and after everyone on the runners team has had a turn we swap over to become taggers and we get to do the same thing.

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