Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Holiday Writing

Wow what an amazing show I thought in my head,before assembly we had an awesome show called Cindy in da house on the last day of school. On Monday me and my brother Lynn was signed up in a school holiday programme we went into two different programmes and they were called Allan Brewster and YMCA Lagoon in Panmure. On Mondays and Fridays we would go to Allan Brewster on the rest of the days we would go to the YMCA Lagoon, we liked it there because my granduncle works right next to the YMCA. On Monday we did games day we did sports and teams all day. All week we had to go to the holiday programme and we had very good fun. At the Lagoon we would sometimes go out and go to the park one time we went to the Howick historical village. On Friday it was a good day for me because I got to go on my own my little brother was very sick so i got to go by myself I had a disco party at Allan brewster it was fun there was lolly scrambles and glow sticks everyone got a growling for not listening though. After that i felt really good for going out and meeting new friends. I think next time I should go to YMCA Lagoon in Panmure because it’s more fun than Allan brewster.

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