Thursday, 22 October 2015

NZ Native Animal Report

WALT: Write a report about New Zealand native animals

 Keas are another native New Zealand Parrot and are the relatives to the bird called Kaka. Here are some facts about the Kea. 

 Habitat: Keas are mostly found in parts of the South island and in the snow mountains. Some kea are found in high forests near the Kaka. In the mountain tops where people like to go skiing the Kea are mostly hanging around there. 

Description: Keas have a very sharp beak and claws.They have eyes and ears on the side of their head and face. They have different colours of green on their tail and their chest is a brown colour. They also have lots of warm feathers. 

 Diet: Keas are vegetarians and enjoy eating grubs and insects. Sometimes the Keas get very hungry and go into peoples rubbish bins searching for food. They can go into people’s bins because they know how to open things. Keas are intelligent birds. A Kea is a Herbivore. 

 Characteristics: The Kea are mostly playful and are joyful. They like to collect things and be mischievous. Some most likely turn carparks into playgrounds. They are very kind and they like to be loving. The kea can grow up to 50 cm long. Keas lay their eggs during the breeding season between January and July.

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