Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Eating worms

Our teacher made us eat worms.
Yesterday our teacher Mrs Garden got us to eat worm.Eating worms! Ewe they sounded disgusting.

First of all we got two bowls. Then we gave a bowl to a person in a circle.Then the person put in the whole block of hard worms in the bowl.We passed the bowl onto another person and they got to pour in the tasty chicken flavour.Then our teacher poured the hot water into the bowls and we stirred the worms until they went all soggy yuck!

Our teacher Mrs Garden fed the worms to us like a bird.  When we were finished everyone was messy with the squirmy worms. They went everywhere.The worms had a tasty chicken flavour and were slopping down on everyone’s faces.It sounded yucky!

I think that tasting worms in real life would be very disgusting. Ewe!
But tasting chicken flavoured noodles is similar but yummy.

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